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Types of paper machine pulping machinery and equipment

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Although paper machine pulping machinery and equipment involves several major fields such as special pulp and paper engineering machinery and equipment, general chemical machinery and equipment, hydraulic machinery and equipment, and environmental protection machinery and equipment, there are many types and different structures, but according to their structure Features and uses, pulp and paper machinery and equipment can be summarized into the following types.

1. Conveying

The transportation of raw materials, the transportation of pulp and the transportation of chemicals are important operation departments of the pulp and paper machine factory, and the power consumption accounts for more than 20% of the total power consumption of the whole plant. Among them, the raw material conveying equipment includes raw material conveyors, pneumatic conveyors, and feeding screw pulp conveying equipment including low-consistency pumps, medium-consistency pumps, and high-consistency pumps. Medium-consistency mixers and high-consistency mixers can also be considered as pulp conveying equipment. : Water pumps, fans and chemical liquid pumps are used to transport water, gas and various chemicals required by the process.

2. Container

The equipment that belongs to the container category in the pulp and paper engineering includes chemical reaction equipment, such as: cooking pots, digesters, bleaching towers, absorption towers, etc.: there are mixed storage equipment, such as pulp storage towers, storage tanks, metering tanks, high-level tanks, etc. Spraying pot (tower), batching (tank), etc.: There are special material processing equipment, such as headboxes, deinking tanks, etc., as well as boilers, alkali recovery furnaces, etc., with different uses and structures, but they all have container-like shells. Belongs to container equipment. Even drying tanks, roll paper tanks, etc., because they are thick-walled containers, can also be classified as container equipment, and even hydraulic pulpers can be regarded as container equipment.

3. Roller

The breast rollers, case rollers, flat rollers, screen drive rollers, paper guide rollers, blanket rollers, press rollers, calender rollers, paper rolls, etc. of the paper machine belong to the roller type equipment. The machine, rewinder, paper cutter, etc. are composed of various types of rollers. These rollers have certain technological uses, and some rollers are designed for specific technological purposes.

4. Filter mesh and sieve plate

Raw material screening equipment, raw material dust removal equipment, pulp screening equipment, filtration equipment, pulp washer, thickener, dewatering machine and other types of filtering and filtering devices, either with a filter screen, a dewatering screen, or a sieve plate, all have separation The role can be summarized as a filter screen type equipment.

5. Centrifugal disc mill

Such machinery and equipment typically include beaters, disc mills, thermal dispersion machines, etc., which rely on the relative movement of the grinding discs and the resulting centrifugal action to process materials. In addition, various types of slag cleaners rely on centrifugal movement to separate pulp The impurities in it can also be considered as centrifugal equipment. The above-mentioned five types of machinery and equipment are the backbone equipment of pulp and paper engineering. In addition, the rest is some auxiliary equipment. Therefore, it can be said that the paper machine pulping machinery and equipment have both particularity and versatility.


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