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Under what environment does the paper machine produce products

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In the daily production of paper machines, the production process and environment are very complicated. Paper machine equipment needs to face various harsh production environments, especially some corrosive environments. After a long period of production, the paper machine will have corrosion and leakage problems, which is a very serious problem. 

It is necessary to avoid the corrosion problem of paper machine as much as possible.How to better solve the corrosion problem in the production of paper-burning paper machine? 

For steel plate, flame spraying aluminum coating is used to solve the leakage problem in the production of paper machine, and the bonding strength, heat resistance and corrosion strength of the coating All meet the requirements of use. In order to prevent the corrosion of the paper burning paper machine, improve the corrosion resistance of the coating, and expand its application in special environments, it is necessary to seal the coating.


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