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Ways to prolong the service life of vibrating screen

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    vibration screen

    Today, Shandong easttai editor will take you to learn about the reasons and solutions for the damage of the high-frequency linear vibration screen NetEase, hoping to help companies that use this vibrating screen.

1. The high-frequency linear vibrating screen generally has an upper screen and a lower stress layer, which requires close contact between the two layers. If the screen pre-tensioning process is poor, when the stress layer at the bottom of the screen is tightened , The sieving is not tightened, so when the screen is working, the vibration distance of the screen is too large, and the contact part with the screen frame cannot be effectively compressed, which is also one of the reasons for the rapid damage of the screen. Another solution is to frequently check the tension of the screen; check whether the screen is compacted. The tension of the screen is not enough, which causes the screen to vibrate, which is usually broken or damaged along the edge of the screen or at the edge layer.

2. The quality of the screen is an important factor that causes the screen to break too quickly. Whether the material of the screen does not meet the screening requirements of the material, the screen will be damaged very quickly. When customers choose the rotary vibrating screen, the solution is to choose a reliable quality screen when choosing a vibrating screen.

3. Material feeding problem. Because of the continuous feeding during the working process of the vibration screen, if too much material is fed at one time, the material will move normally on the screen surface, which will not only make the screen fatigue loose, but also greatly reduce the processing capacity of the material. Giving a large amount of materials at one time is actually just a sudden increase in the load of the unbalanced motor, which not only easily damages the screen, but also easily damages the vibration motor, so the materials should be fed evenly when placing them. In the feeding method with strong impact force, a buffer hopper should be added to the vibration screen. The direct impact of the material on the screen will consume the exciting force generated by the vibration source, which is more likely to cause screen damage and screen fatigue. The solution is to add a hopper or material when the liquid is screened. If there is material accumulation, find the cause immediately, such as adjusting the eccentric block of the vibration motor.



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