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What are the daily maintenance of screw conveyors

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screw conveyor

一.Daily maintenance content expansion requirements

1. Remove the dirt from the dead corners of the equipment, keep the surface of the equipment clean, and remove the debris on the equipment.

2. Check the fastening of each part of the bolts, and tighten them in time if they are loose.

3. Check the concentricity of the coupling and the wear of the pin and rubber ring. If worn, replace it in time and adjust the concentricity.

4. Check the lubrication condition of each operating part, and add lubricating oil (grease) in time.

5. Check the sealing condition of the cover, and deal with it in time if there is oil leakage.

6. Check the oil quantity of the reducer, and add it in time when the lubricating oil is lacking.

  二. secondary maintenance content and requirements

1. Perform all the contents of daily maintenance.

2. Check or replace the auger lifting points.

3. Check the head and tail bearings, add grease or replace the sealing ring.

4. Check the degree of wear of other parts of the transmission part, and replace it when the wear exceeds the standard.

三.Complete standard content

1. Normal operation, good lubrication of all parts, no abnormal sound, and good performance.

2. The equipment capacity reaches more than 90% of the design capacity.

3. The machine is complete, and it runs safely to the second-level maintenance interval.

4. The accessories are complete and good, and the equipment is clean and sanitary.

5. The vulnerable spare parts are complete, and the technical data (equipment accounts, maintenance records, drawings) are accurate and complete.


 The screw conveyor is a continuous spiral blade welded in a cylindrical casing, and the casing rotates with the spiral blade. Due to the centrifugal force and friction, the added material rotates and is lifted by the shell together, and then slides down the spiral surface under the gravity of the material, so that the material rotates with the spiral tube to realize the forward movement of the material, as if not rotating The screw moves in translation along the rotating nut to achieve the purpose of conveying materials.


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