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What are the factors that affect the conveying power of the screw conveyor

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screw conveyor

1. The skewed point of view of the screw conveyor has an impact on the productivity and power consumption of the conveying process. Generally, it is expressed in the form of an influence coefficient. Therefore, the transportation can be rapidly reduced with the addition of the skewed viewpoint. At the same time, the skewed viewpoint will also affect the transportation of materials when the screw conveyor is placed. The size of other skewed viewpoints will also affect the filling factor. The skewed viewpoint has an influence on the filling factor. The larger the skewed viewpoint, the smaller the allowed filling factor, the lower the transportation capacity. Therefore, under the premise of satisfactory operating conditions, the screw conveyor should try to avoid skewed placement, and it is better to use horizontal placement; if the process needs to use skewed placement, in order to improve transportation efficiency. The skewed point of view should not be too large, generally the skewed point of view is 10-20 degrees. If you are not satisfied with the requirements. Multi-level skew placement can be used to reduce loss.

2. Power

 The driving power of the screw conveyor is the ability to overcome various resistances in the material transportation process. It mainly contains the following parts:

①The ability required to raise the height of the material to be transported (horizontal or skewed)

②Capacity consumption caused by the conflict between the material being transported and the wall of the trough and the spiral surface:

③Capacity consumption caused by conflicts between particles within the material;

④Capacity consumption caused by the conflict between the material moving along the trough and forming at the thrust bearing;

⑤Capacity consumption caused by the conflict between the center bearing and the end bearing.

For the screw conveyor in the continuous working system. As the entire system operates continuously and has a high degree of automation, any failure of any part will affect the normal operation of the entire system. Therefore, the conveyor used in this occasion should have a larger power reserve.

Therefore, in the power selection of the screw conveyor, considering the above factors, can the machine play a better role in the application process and bring economic benefits to customers.


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