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What are the "parts" of the paper machine

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paper machine

The paper machine, as its name suggests, is a kind of equipment used for papermaking, and the appearance of this equipment brings great convenience to our lives, and what parts of this magical equipment are composed of? Paper machines can be roughly divided into Host part and auxiliary system part;

The main part of the paper machine is roughly divided into wet part, dry part, and curl. The wet end can be understood as the part of the paper with a relatively large water content; the dry part is the part of the paper that has very little moisture, which is considered dry; the curl is the mechanism by which the paper is rolled. The headbox, the net, and the pressing part can be regarded as the wet part; the drying part, sizing, coating, and calendering can be regarded as the dry part; and then the curling part. Because it does not involve academics, please do not delve into the concept of classification.

Auxiliary system means literally, the part that assists the host to realize its functions.

For modern paper machines, each system is complementary, and there is no distinction between primary and secondary functions or roles.


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