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What are the requirements for paper machinery and equipment bearings?

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In the 21st century, with the continuous improvement of scientific and technological level, the performance of domestic papermaking equipment has been significantly improved in all aspects. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of foreign market demand, the sales of papermaking machinery and equipment have also reached a historical peak, and it has also promoted the sales of the entire papermaking equipment. Since the 21st century, with the continuous improvement of science and technology, the performance of domestic papermaking equipment has been outstanding in all aspects. Push the papermaking machinery and equipment to a historical peak.

Modern papermaking technology can be divided into pulping, modulation, copying, processing and other main processes. The process is cumbersome. The equipment used in the whole process includes: material preparation equipment, pulping equipment, and papermaking machinery. Especially papermaking machinery, it involves many types, such as refiners, pressure screens, filters, forming machines, dryers, separation equipment and so on. The smooth progress of the paper machine equipment in the processing process is inseparable from the assistance of the bearings, and the paper machine will fail during the normal operation, which is likely to be caused by the bearing failure. Therefore, the bearing is an indispensable component. For the normal operation of the work, the following describes the requirements of papermaking machinery and equipment for bearings.

1. Reliable online use: Paper-making machinery and equipment should ensure continuous and uninterrupted operation, and normal maintenance must be carried out before shutdown. Therefore, when selecting bearings, extremely high reliability of online use is the most important reference index.

2. Easy installation and disassembly: In the normal maintenance and maintenance process, the bearing can be quickly disassembled and installed, thereby shortening the downtime and creating greater value.

3. Automatic compensation abnormality: factors such as the length of the roller, the temperature and the bearing support position may cause the shaft to elongate in the axial direction, thereby causing the bearing to be off-center or axially offset. The bearing must be able to adapt to changes in operating conditions.

4. Corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance: The high humidity environment in the wet part of papermaking machinery and equipment causes serious damage to lubrication, which ultimately affects the service life of the bearing. The high working temperature of the dryer and the working temperature of the bearing also affect the lubricating performance of the bearing. Therefore, the requirements for bearings are getting higher and higher.

5. Adaptation accuracy and speed: When configuring and selecting bearings, the adaptability of the bearing itself under high-speed conditions must be considered, and radial clearance C3/C4 is generally recommended.

Generally speaking, from the point of view of use, the clearance between the bearings should be appropriate. If it is too large, it will cause impact, and if it is too small, it will cause poor lubrication and may burn tiles. Then, the surface quality and geometry of the bearings and journals should be strictly guaranteed. ; Bearings of papermaking machinery and equipment should improve the quality of lubrication, control the pressure, temperature and flow of oil, and strengthen oil filtration; secondly, use fuel and lubricating oils that meet the requirements. In order to make the bearings of papermaking machinery and equipment give full play to and maintain their proper performance for a long time, regular maintenance or regular inspection should be done effectively. Regular inspection, early detection of faults and prevention of accidents are very important to improve the production efficiency and economy of papermaking machinery and equipment.


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