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What else can Pulp Disc Cylinder Thickener do besides thickening?

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As one of the four great inventions in ancient China, we have a long history of using paper products, and paper is inseparable from our lives. The books, paper towels, paper cups, etc. we use are all made of paper pulp. This wide range of use has brought business opportunities to many manufacturers, but they have encountered difficulties when they want to produce better or high-quality paper. At this time, Pulp Disc Cylinder Thickener may be of great help to you.

Pulp Disc Cylinder Thickener

In the process of papermaking, the pulp is often too thin. In the past, traditional methods needed to increase raw materials to improve consistency. However, the increase in raw materials caused the pulp to be too thick, which made the production more difficult, prolonged the production process, and even delayed shipments, which was not worth the gain. However, if it is not added, the too thin pulp cannot be spread evenly during papermaking due to its poor fluidity. The printed pulp is like pits on the surface of the moon, and the writing and use experience is not good. Moreover, because the pulp is not stable enough, the produced paper products are easy to tear or break, without sufficient strength and toughness, which greatly affects the lives of consumers.

How can we solve the above troubles? In fact, as long as you add a small amount of Pulp Disc Cylinder Thickener, you will be surprised. You will see that it blends well with the pulp without foaming, and the quality of the pulp itself will not change. The adsorption force on the surface of the pulp fiber is enhanced, the pulp is thicker and more stable, and the paper produced is smoother. What's more, only need to add a kind of pulp thickener, you can no longer continue to add too many raw materials, saving raw material expenses, thereby reducing the entire papermaking production cost. In this way, Pulp Disc Cylinder Thickener is really a good pulp additive.


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