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What should I do if the paper machine is stuck?

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For large paper machine manufacturers, the maintenance department is an indispensable department, but during the use of paper machines in small workshops, there will be a phenomenon of network sticking, which will affect our production. So how can we make the phenomenon of network paste seldom appear or not appear? Today, the editor will explain to you how to deal with the phenomenon of paper machine paste network!

The key influencing factor of the service life of the paper machine is the cleaning of the forming fabric. If there is a paste-net phenomenon, it will lead to a drop in the water filtration performance of the paper machine. Generally speaking, there are two types of contaminants, one is the contaminant that is filled in the middle of the forming wire to reduce the dewatering capacity of the wire, and the other is the contaminant deposited on the surface of the forming wire and the junction of the wire. At this time, there must be a swing high-pressure water flushing device. The nozzle of the sprinkler pipe should be upward to reduce the impurity in the water from clogging the machine filter of the nozzle, and at the same time reduce the friction surface caused by the impact of the water flow.

If the effect of the water spray is not good, that is, when the paper is not good, we can stop the cleaning. Use a 10% alkaline solution or alkaline chemical cleaning agent for cleaning to dissolve, emulsify and wet the stickies. If you try this effect, you can also use 5%~10% oxalic acid solution for cleaning when it is not obvious. The time is about 30 minutes. After washing, remember to rinse thoroughly with water, not high-pressure steam. Rinse the forming wire. When cleaning the forming fabric, the speed should be low, and at the same time, remember to turn off the high-pressure flushing water at all parts.

The water spray pipe should adopt a reciprocating needle nozzle, and the swing stroke should be controlled at 15cm or 30cm. When the forming fabric stops running, the spray water should be turned off immediately. When the speed is relatively low, our nozzles can flush the forming fabric vertically. When the speed is relatively high, the water spray pipe should be rotated toward the running direction of the forming fabric to produce a spray angle less than 90°.

If you follow the above methods, you will have good results. When you use it, you can more effectively avoid the phenomenon of stuttering and make our paper machine work better. Our paper-making equipment manufacturer produces all kinds of paper machine equipment. Welcome to consult and cooperate.


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