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What to do when the paper machine pastes the net

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We all know that a problem that often arises in the production process of paper machines is the emergence of network paste. This problem can be said to be relatively common and does not belong to equipment failure, but if it is not dealt with in time, the paper machine's paste net will affect the normal production of the manufacturer, then what should be done at this time?

There are many cleaning methods for paper machines. After so many years of production practice, EASTTAI paper machinery has produced the following methods: water pressure method, acid-base washing method, steam purging method and organic solvent cleaning method. Different cleaning methods should be used for different equipment and different situations where the mesh is stuck.

For paper machine equipment, we recommend the water pressure method for cleaning. The choice of water pressure is also very important. Using low pressure water cleaning and auxiliary high pressure water cleaning methods will have better results than using one alone. If you want to achieve better results and want to clean the polyester net of a small paper machine with a better effect, you need at least two low-pressure spray pipes for flushing. During the cleaning process, hold a high-pressure gun and aim at the place where the net is pasted. , To achieve good results. The specific analysis should be based on the speed of the small paper machine. Sometimes the hydraulic pressure method is not suitable, and the other methods mentioned above can be used.

After the paper machine has been in production for a period of time, it is easy to get stuck in the net. Don't panic at this time, just follow the cleaning method we explained, step by step, and you will get better results.


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