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Working principle and performance of pressure screen rotor pressure screen

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The pressure screen rotor adopts an upflow structure design with slurry at the bottom, heavy slag discharge at the bottom, and light slag discharge at the top, which effectively solves the above problems. Light impurities and air in the slurry naturally rise to the top slag discharge port for discharge, and heavy impurities can settle to the bottom for discharge as soon as they enter the body. In this way, on the one hand, the residence time of impurities in the screen area is effectively shortened, the possibility of impurity circulation is reduced, and the screening efficiency is improved; on the other hand, the damage to the rotor and the screen drum caused by heavy impurities is prevented, and the service life of the equipment is prolonged.

1. Sieve drum: Fine sieve sieve drum with a slit width of H0.15mm, using water jet cutting technology to slot 8mm thick steel plate to form excellent round holes and burr-free notches, which will not be like mechanical washing and grinding notches. Produce stress and groove end cracks. It can also provide a hard degree of winding technology to improve the anti-wear performance.

2. Rotor rotor: 3-4 rotors are installed on the refined pulp rotor, and the balance is strictly corrected after assembly, so that the rotor does not vibrate when it rotates at high speed. The rotor is installed on the main shaft, the rotor is installed on the rotor through a screw rod, and the gap between the rotor and the screen drum can be adjusted. The coarse screen rotor adopts a drum-type external rotor wing structure and corrects the dynamic balance. This structure can prevent impurities from winding the rotor and affecting the normal operation of the equipment.

3. Shell: It is composed of an upper cover and a cylinder, and the lower part of the cylinder is equipped with a tangential slurry inlet pipe. The middle of the cylinder is provided with a slurry pipe, and the upper cover is provided with a slag discharge port and a flushing water port.

4. Transmission device: including motor, pulley, v-belt, belt tensioner, main shaft and bearing.


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