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Common faults of paper machine

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The performance of the paper machine control system is the prerequisite for determining whether a paper machine can produce with high efficiency and high quality. For a normal paper machine, in order to ensure its continuous high efficiency and high quality production, the transmission system The maintenance is particularly important.

Finding out the principle and then making analysis and judgment based on the phenomenon is the basis for correctly distinguishing the cause of the failure: one look, two tests, three tests.

Common faults of paper machine are:

1. Electrical failure

1) The inverter cannot be started, and the load is not stuck or blocked;

2) The motor heats up abnormally, or even smokes, or the current is large but the motor does not rotate or the torque is small. This may be a line failure or an internal failure of the motor;

3) The operation fails, acceleration and deceleration do not work, or the response is abnormal when it is good and sometimes bad; the load distribution is unbalanced and can be adjusted but the degree of change is unstable. These may be related to faults such as line contact or communication interference.

2. Mechanical failure

1) Bearing heating;

2) The rotating sound of the equipment is abnormal, with obvious periodic sound and the mechanical cycle can be observed;

3) A common mechanical failure in the wire section is the slippage of the screen drive roller, which manifests itself in the ups and downs of the load distribution, especially the abnormal acceleration. For example, after the screen drive roller slips, the friction resistance suddenly drops and the load current drops, and the action of the load drop in the program is to accelerate, which causes the screen drive roller to continue to accelerate and finally speed.

In this case, you can simply tighten the net, if not, you can only reduce the current limit of the roller or increase the wrap angle of the net-driving roller.

It is difficult for the paper machine to identify the source of the fault:

For more obvious faults, you can directly solve the problem from the point of failure, but in the actual operation of the paper machine, there are often some abnormal phenomena that are difficult to determine the source of the fault.


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