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How to deal with the sewage generated by the paper machine

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Sewage will be generated during the production process of paper machine, and the arbitrary discharge of this sewage will pollute the environment. Therefore, paper machine manufacturers must treat the sewage to avoid impact on the environment.

In addition to the sewage itself, the wastewater produced by the paper machine also contains some chemical agents such as disinfectants and defoamers. The discharge of these sewage into the sewer will cause great pollution to the water source, which will not only affect the survival of aquatic organisms, but also harm human health. Even bigger, sewage seeps into the ground, causing serious pollution to our water sources and endangering normal drinking water. The solid pollutants can be settled first by physical sedimentation, and then chemical methods are used to add some flocculants to remove another part of the impurities, and then the heavy metals and ions can be removed by biological methods, and the sewage can meet the standard after a combination. The sewage treatment system guarantees that the sewage will not have an impact on the environment by processing sewage into water that can be discharged.

The waste water produced by the paper machine must be treated by environmental protection treatment equipment before it can be discharged. This is what EASTTAI Paper Machinery CO.,LTD. has done very well. We have professional treatment technology that can recycle the waste water or discharge it without pollution.


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