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Lubrication method of various parts of paper machine

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Paper machine include two major categories: pulp machinery and paper machinery, as well as paper decoration and processing equipment. The specific lubrication methods are as follows:

1. Lubrication of pulp machinery

Pulp machinery includes two types of equipment: material preparation and pulp making. The lubrication characteristics of pulp machinery are humid, high temperature and impact load. Generally, it is required to have good heat resistance, oxidation resistance, anti-emulsification and rust resistance, etc., anti-oxidant and anti-rust lubricating oil with a viscosity of 46-100. There are also No. 2 or No. 3 complex calcium-based, sodium-based or lithium-based greases with good heat resistance and mechanical stability, or even molybdenum disulfide or graphite grease. The bearings and gears of pulp cooking equipment have relatively high operating temperatures and are often lubricated with industrial gear oil or grease. The lubrication parts of pulp machinery include bearings, worm gears, reducers, closed and open gears, and L-HL hydraulic oils, L-CkC industrial gear oils have been involved; calcium-based grease, complex calcium-based grease, general lithium Types of base grease, graphite calcium base grease and semi-fluid lithium base grease.

2. Lubrication of paper machine

The lubrication points of the paper machine are in principle closed. Each bearing in the wet section of the paper machine has a sealed bearing shell to prevent cross contamination from intrusion and grease overflow. The dry section of the paper machine uses a central lubrication station to deliver lubricating oil under pressure to various bearings for lubrication and heat dissipation due to the high temperature during operation. The lubrication parts of a paper machine are summarized as transmission reduction box, worm gear reduction box, general sliding bearing, rolling bearing, exhaust fan, wet section rolling bearing, steel wire rope and central lubrication station (dry section lubrication) oil. The oils and greases that have been involved include hydraulic oil, total loss system oil, calcium-based grease, sodium-based grease, and graphite-calcium-based grease.

3. Lubrication of paper machine and its ancillary equipment

(1) Sub-transmission gearbox, central lubrication station oil (dry section lubrication), shaking box, worm gearbox, general sliding bearing: all use hydraulic oil or total loss system oil for lubrication with L-HL46 or L-AN46 , The viscosity of oil is 41.4~50.6mm2/s at 40℃, flash point (opening)>180℃, freezing point<-10℃.

(2) Rolling bearings in the wet section: calcium-based grease, dropping point>80℃, cone penetration (25℃, 1/10mm) 265~295.

(3) Exhaust fan, rolling bearings in hot and humid places: sodium-based grease, dropping point>40℃, cone penetration (25℃, 1/10mm) 220~250.

(4) Steel wire rope: Graphite calcium grease, ZG-S, dropping point>80℃.


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