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The configuration of the sandwich paper machine

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The sandwich paper machine solves the problems caused by the increasing speed of modern Fourdrinier paper machines, especially the difference in paper product characteristics on both sides of the Fourdrinier paper machine, poor micro uniformity, and uneven lateral distribution that restrict the speed increase. Therefore, the sandwich paper machine will be the main force of the paper industry in the future.

The name of the sandwich paper machine comes from the sandwich former, which represents a shaper in which the pulp jet from the headbox is sprayed between two converging meshes. Therefore, it can be said that the term sandwich former does not indicate any dehydration mechanism, but only indicates the initial state of pulp feeding.

According to whether there is a bottom wire, the paper machine can be divided into a bottomless wire mesh paper machine and a bottom wire mesh paper machine. From the above definition, it can be inferred that, except for the forming part, the configuration of the rest of the sandwich paper machine is the same as that of the high-speed Fourdrinier paper machine, and the difference between the bottom net and the bottomless net paper machine is It depends on whether the mesh former is a bottom mesh type, that is, the paper web is drained and formed on the bottom mesh and then dehydrated on both sides in the mesh. The configuration of the remaining parts is basically the same.

The bottom-net-net paper machine is used to produce cardboard, and it has been developed into a multi-net-board machine. Similarly, except for the forming part, the configuration of other parts is no different from the multi-cylinder multi-cylinder board machine. In the configuration of the forming section of the multi-split board machine, each former on the bottom net is equipped with its own headbox. The pulp stream sprayed from the headbox is drained and formed on both sides in the net formed by the top and bottom nets, and from the second former, the new wet paper web is developed on the already formed paper web. Formed on.


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