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Vibration screen common fault detection and maintenance

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vibration screen

Vibration screen can be used to screen out large particles and pulverize powdery materials. Before use, it is necessary to check whether the screen of the equipment is damaged, whether it is necessary to add lubricating oil to the vibration motor, it must be turned on before each use, and the machine should be rotated for five minutes after normal operation Feeding, do not feed too much or too little, maintain uniform feeding, continuous non-feeding will cause damage to the screen, the following is the common fault detection and maintenance instructions on the Vibration screen for users’ reference

1. The quality or material of the screen is unqualified, and the quality of the screen from different manufacturers is also different. When purchasing, we need to ask the vibrating screen manufacturer to provide a reliable mesh number to ensure the replacement of the screen.

2. After sieving the material, the vibrating screen cannot clean the inside and the screen surface in time. After a long time, small particles will be hidden in the screen surface and the screen body. The friction between the screen and the frame will cause the screen to be damaged. Please clean the screen in time to ensure normal use next time.

3. Compress the grid, because the selection principle of the Vibration screen is the parabolic linear movement of the accumulated materials, so when the grid is not tightly compressed and loosened, the grid will also perform upward and downward force movement, and at the same time , The net moves up and down through the net frame, so it is easy to break the screen from the edge of the press net.

4. The flatness of the grid: Since the screening principle of the vibration screen is that the material is forced to perform a parabolic linear movement, when the flatness of the grid is not good, it is difficult to make the material evenly move in a straight line on the surface of the screen, like water It is easy to ditch. At this time, it not only affects the screening volume and quality, but also enlarges the screening part due to the material ditch. At this time, the size frame also moves upward and downward force, the size is moving up and down, so the screen is easy Cracked from the edge of the screen of the printing press.

5. The vibration amplitude of the sieve is too small, which causes the material to accumulate on the sieve and quickly damage the sieve. Most of the sieve is usually caused by the cracks of the screen rupture and the abrasion of the screen frame, just check the sieve and the sieve Frame and replace them to solve.

6. Check the vibrating motor to see if it is caused by insufficient vibration force of the linear screen caused by the loose angle of the eccentric block. Check whether the screen of the linear screen is blocked by the screen, resulting in a decrease in material throughput.

7. The customer uses different fertilizer feeding equipment because the feed volume of this linear sieve is too large, which causes the material layer on the surface of the sieve to be too thick, and the material on the sieve is directly removed from the sieve before contact, which leads to the upper Of lipids.


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