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What is the operating process of the rewinder?

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      The rewinding machine is used for slitting the paper rolls initially rolled on the rewinding machine and rewinding them into finished paper rolls with width and tightness meeting the requirements. In the rewinding process, poor quality paper can be removed and the ends of the adhesive can be broken. When we all operate and use the rewinder, we all know what is the operating process of the rewinder?

The operation process of the rewinder is as follows:

1. The input voltage is three front lines and one zero line. Hold the porcelain handle when closing and opening the switch to avoid electric shock.

2. Use an Allen key every day to check whether the Phillips screw of the reel is strong, and if it is loose, tighten it in time.

3. Adhere to the cleaning of the whole machine, wipe off the oil in time, and clean the wound plastic strips.

4. Threading: The two large rubber shafts on the slitter rewinder cannot be threaded to avoid scratches.

5. Distinguish the side selection of the electric eye, distinguish between manual and automatic. The unwinding shaft can be moved left and right in manual mode, and it can be switched to manual when shutting down.

6. When slitting, adjust the left and right installation of the unwinding with the handwheel, so that the turning head is in the middle of the two switches.

The rewinder is used to rewind all kinds of tape, paper and film, such as BOPP tape, PE protective film, PET tape, double-sided tape, masking tape, cloth tape, polyester film tape, foam, etc. When we all operate and use the rewinder, we all need to operate according to the above operating procedures, and the correct operating procedures are what we all need.


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