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What is the working principle of the paper machine equipment?

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A complete set of equipment linked to the division of the pulp into the paper web, including the headbox, the wire section, the press section, the drying section, the calender, the paper reel, and the transmission section and other mainframes such as steam, water, vacuum, lubrication, Auxiliary systems such as heat recovery. The wire part that forms the wet paper web is the core of the paper machine, so the paper machine can be divided into fourdrinier paper machine, clamp paper machine and cylinder paper machine according to the structure of the wire part.

After the paper sheet from the drying section is calendered by the calender, the smoothness, gloss and tightness of the paper sheet can be improved, the thickness of the whole paper sheet can be consistent, and the air permeability can be reduced; Rolling into a paper roll completes the main process of papermaking. In order to meet different needs in the future, there are also calenders, rewinders, paper cutters, etc. after the paper roll in the papermaking equipment workshop.


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