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What are the basic points for maintenance of rewinder?

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The maintenance of the rewinder should pay attention to the following three points. As long as practical attention is paid to production, the service life of the rewinder will be extended. Improve productivity. The transmission of the machine (such as a gear chain) needs a period of lubrication. The toilet paper machine is usually no problem. The wearing parts are nothing but pinions. If one is added, the printing knife can easily break. After one and a half years of use, the wool roll will become thinner and needs to be shipped back to the factory for refurbishment. If the steel embossing pattern needs to be replaced on the roller device, the steel roller needs to be shipped back to the original factory for modification, and the cost is not high. Note that the voltage must be stable, otherwise the motor will be easily burned; pay attention to hygiene, and do not let debris fall between the steel roller and the wool roller.

The precautionary measures before installing the toilet paper rewinder mainly include the following points: First, please contact the machine manufacturer to manufacture the cement base. When you leave a reserved hole for the foundation, please ask the manufacturer for the detailed size or manufacturing requirements. Shang sent a person. In order to avoid leaving unsuitable reserved holes after the paper machine leaves the factory, and to understand the power supply voltage, floor space and environmental requirements of the rewinder purchased, please purchase suitable vertical paper for the testing machine in advance.

When installing the printing plate, press and compress the rewinder to prevent relative slippage during printing. In production practice, the ideal printing pressure is usually controlled at about 0.15-0.25mm. It must be emphasized that the ideal printing pressure is under certain pressure. When the printing surface is compressed and deformed, the printing of the graphic part of the printing plate is strong enough on the paper, and a small pressure is used on the basis of transparency. And the complete point.


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