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What are the causes of paper staining on the slitter rewinder?

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Installation of slitting rewinder After opening the box, the slitting rewinder should check the integrity of the machine, check whether there is any damage during transportation, etc., and then install the correction level on a flat and solid foundation after the inspection is not damaged. When we all operate and use the slitter rewinder, what are the factors that cause the rewinder to stain paper?

1: The speed ratio is different. In order to save costs, some manufacturers adopt the processing method of fine-grained surface and large-grained interlayer, which also caused the paper sticking problem of the rewinder.

2: The raw materials are not good enough. Use the cheap half-wood pulp shaft. Due to the large amount of impurities, the phenomenon of paper sticking is easy to occur during use.

The lifting mechanism of the rewinder should rise and fall steadily and rise and fall in parallel. The bottom knife roller and the upper knife axis should be parallel to the bottom roller, the distance to the bottom roller should be accurate, and the rotation should be flexible. After the slitter rewinder is installed and calibrated, check whether all the parts are intact, whether the connecting bolts are tightened reliably, and whether the movable parts are flexible, and then fill the lubrication parts with corresponding lubricating oil. Clean, clean, check and refuel. It can be turned on after confirming that it is correct.


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